Armonia Soft Plus is defined by a 7 inch Touch Screen display, compatible with ANDROIDsystem and completely customizable depending on the user demands. Up to 30 drink selection can be loaded (max.10 per page), like COFFEEdrinks, milk-based drinks, instant products and hot water. Users can upload movies, sounds or customised images per each single drink.

All machine paramters and settings are customizable and adjustable directly from the user interface. Armonia Soft Plus is available in 2 models: Easy e LM, with many available configuration. Available also in Self configuration, perfect for offices and communities.


COFFEE and steam boiler capacity: 1.0 l each
Net weight: Easy: 38 Kg – LM: 42 Kg
Gross weight: Easy: 45 Kg – LM: 49 Kg
Coffee grounds bin capacity: 60 pcs
Coffee hopper capacity: 0.6 Kg
Instant container capacity: 2.0 l
Easy Voltage/Total power: 120V 1+N 50/60Hz 1.350W
200V 1+N 50/60Hz 1.914W
230V 1+N 50/60Hz 1.950W
240V 1+N 50/60Hz 2.124W
LM Voltage/Total power: 120V 1+N 50/60Hz 2.550W
200V 1+N 50/60Hz 3.114W
230V 1+N 50/60Hz 3.150W
240V 1+N 50/60Hz 3.160W
Display: 7″ Touch screen, compatible with ANDROID system


7dc7e134f256a6cda9a53ee0beed88878a6c7c7a-1Water Tank

Tank to contain cold water. The machine is automatically stopped once the water level reaches 0.5 l

3de949bb3d6193c91db57843736f458fc585429fInstant Unit A01

Drinks are dispensed from the machine drink outlet, allowing to mix any type of drink.

54c8b3a4d9c8d147af1504d56d83e64eba90432b-1Fridge Plus A01

New Fridge Plus: detects over temperatures of milk and stops dispensing of milk-based drinks immediately.

41bdeb7b2091740b251b7c1d83404d2be9ed74ffCup Warmer Plus A01

Cup warmer with three levels of which two heated · Colours available: stainless steel and white.

8fb17eb96b1c2bd0ecfcff7977bcd15086f214bbCup Warmer A01

Cup warmer with three levels of which two heated · Colours available: stainless steel and white.

4c69401edee9b6dce252795625e3ed937d6c6094-1Hot & Cold A01

Fridge + Cupwarmer with 1st heated shelf


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