Ascaso Big Dream

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  • Manufactured completely in stainless steel. All components are stainless steel, replacing the copper and brass of traditional machines.
  • 304 Stainless steel frame and 2.5 mm thick.
  • Multigroup
  • Multiboiler Technology / Saturated groups
  • Independent steam boiler
  • Insulated boilers (coffee and steam) & groups
  • PID control (+ 0,1o) for each group and steam boiler
  • Display Temperature/Timer for each group
  • Thermal stability (+- 0,2o)
  • Dynamicpre-heating
  • Energy efficiency (- 45%)
  • Two options of pre-infusion
  • Hot water. Double selection (volume)
  • Precise water temperature control for infusions.
  • Powerful steam (pipe 12 mm)
  • High precision filters in AISI 304 stainless steel. High quality in cup.
  • Adjustable cupwarmer. From 30 to 60oC
  • Touch Digital Display & Software. Functional and intuitive.
  • Designed for Baristas: Low profile (49 cm height), shot mirror, joy-stick steam 
wands: two positions, LED Working area, LEDS RGB Keypad, 5 selections
  • Colors & Custom
  • Sustainable: energy savings of up to 45% compared to traditional machines. Requires less power to maintain temperature.
  • Healthy: no heavy metal migration. Pure coffee.
  • Hardwearing and longlasting: Longer product life cycle.
  • Antilimescale. No limescale buildup, which causes 70% of all repairs.
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